“With great power comes great responsibility.” 2 points are crucial for our team. Firstly, Environment, secondly, the community.


The office of Join-Tek is right beside a kindergarten in New Taipei City. Our team hears the laugh from the kids every morning. We feel the responsibility on our shoulders. We need to give our children a cleaner and greener future.

As a result, we jumped into the e-mobility sector to let our community and our children know that if we move in an eco way, it will take less energy. The green industry is important for the future and for now! Our planet is always the home for all of us!

We care about the community as well. There were lots of schools where the resources are few in mainland China. Children are our future, we provide resources for those kids by providing economic support until they graduate from high school.

Because we believe that this is a part of our responsibility.