How the E-bike solution of Join Tek is sealed? 

(1) Concave-Convex Shape Design

There is a Convex Shape on the edge of the connector of Join Tek.

The first advantage of this design is to make well-matched with the Female Part.

The second one is if the water sneaks into the gap of the two connected-connectors, the design can resist the water enter directly into the metal contact area.

It is just like the speed bump on the road.











There is also the concave-convex-shape design inside the female connector to make well-matched between the male connector and the female connector.










Please see the diagram below












(2) Flexible Material PVC

To ensure the male connector and the female connector can be well-matched (well-sealed/ waterproof).

The diameter of the gap on the female connector is smaller than the diameter of the male one. Then we use the feature of the material PVC which is flexible to connect the two sides. When plugin, yes we need more effort and try some angles to make the outer of the female connector flare and then we can plugin.